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We thought we'd touch base once the excitement of the holidays had passed, New Year heralded in and the kids are back in school. By now, we all have our noses firmly to the grindstone for 2014 when suddenly Valentine's Day rolls around...we all start at the stark realisation set in that it is already mid-February! How did that happen? We are currently enjoying one of the best summers the Cape has ever seen. Normally, our prevailing south easterly wind (the Cape Doctor as its affectionately known) batters our peninsula in summer. However, this season, he seems to have gone a-calling elsewhere; I daresay we're tickled pink and so must our visitors be. Oh, my! I do hope they've remembered to lather up on sun screen or they'd be tickled a few shades darker, mind. In this issue, we look at Livingstone’s Heart to see what tugs at our heart strings. We discover big sky country with Karin in Safari Diaries. We share some tips on surviving the Cape's gourmet scene on holiday in Taste of Africa. And finally, some time for reflection...we share some client feedback with you in Our Guests Reflect. Also, we hope you like our new newsy format; enjoy!
Livingstone's Heart: Unplug, recharge and reconnect
How many people do you know with J.O.M.O? The acronym stands for 'Joy of Missing Out'. In this age of new media and 'always on', this is a new trend being adopted, strangely enough, by mostly Generation Y's (born 1977-1994; technologically savvy, sophisticated kids who have grown up with technology.
Safari Diaries: A country of contrasts
Karin says, "I´m on the plane from Cape Town to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, when I hear, “Cabin crew, 10 minutes to landing. Please take your seats”. I automatically look out the window to see the city from above. But there is not a sign of life!
Taste of Africa: Surviving the foodie scene on holiday
South Africa is on the rise when it comes to haute cuisine; and the trailblazer is undoubtedly Cape Town. A city blessed with this much natural beauty, it hardly seems fair that we have great food and design too (nominated World Design Capital 2014). Some cities really do have it all!

Our Guests Reflect: What do our guests say?
We encourage feedback from all our clients. It's wonderful when this is accompanied by snapshots of their time in Africa.

It has been wonderful visiting with you in your corner of the globe! I do hope that wherever you are, a ray of warm African sunshine warmed your heart through reading our newsletter. Stay well until next time!

Warm Africa Regards



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